Blog for Arizona Linked From U.K. Guardian (blog)

by David Safier

McCain’s homes are big news right now, which means his “ranch” is news as well. Guardian, U.K., blogger Oliver Burkeman wrote about the McCain Homes in his Campaign Diary. And when he got to the part about the Sedona property at the end of his list, here’s what he wrote:

All of which leaves almost no time at all, presumably, for McCain to spend at his ranch in Sedona, Arizona, which has been valued at $1.1m, but which some people think isn’t really a ranch at all.

“Some people” is your humble blogger, specifically my first post on the topic, Dr. Word Says: McCain Doesn’t Have a Ranch, Dammit! Burkeman even included two pics from the post, which he referred to as “Grainy photographs via Blog for Arizona.”

We’re way ahead of the curve around here.


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