Border Democrats and the Biden/Harris Administration Need to Develop Immigration Reform

Democratic Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema, plus Congressmen Thomas O’Halleran and Greg Stanton, are calling on the Biden/Harris Administration to postpone the suspension of a Trump-era immigration law, Title 42.

Title 42 is an anti-immigration policy put forth by the Trump Administration using the COVID 19 pandemic as a pretext to stop asylum seekers from entering the country and applying for admission into the United States.

With Coronavirus levels subsiding (for now) and most Americans vaccinated from COVID 19, the Biden/Harris Administration would like to lift Title 42, a policy that it has defended in the courts, by May 23, 2022.

The problem is, despite the Administration offering a checklist (plan) of measures that it would take to counter a surge of immigrants after May 23, 2022 (including the placement of additional security personnel at the border,) Democrats in borders states like Arizona and those in close reelection contests are freaking out on the prospects of being labeled by the alternative reality conservative media sphere, led by Fox News and other reactionary media outlets, as “soft on immigration”

To counter Republican lying talking points, Arizona Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly have co-sponsored bipartisan legislation in the United States Senate calling for the Administration to delay the lifting of Title 42 for at least 90 days, work with border communities and have a more detailed plan in place before the lifting of Title 42.

In advocating this legislation, Senator Sinema, Chair of the Border Management Subcommittee, stated:

“Arizona communities bear the brunt of the federal government’s failure at our border, so we’re stepping in and protecting border communities by ensuring the Administration works hand-in-hand with local leaders, law enforcement, and non-profits to put a comprehensive, workable plan in place before lifting Title 42. I’ll continue pushing for transparency and accountability from the Administration to help secure the border, keep Arizona communities safe, and ensure migrants are treated fairly and humanely.”

Senator Kelly wrote:

“The Biden administration was wrong to set an end date for Title 42 without a comprehensive plan in place. It’s why today we are introducing bipartisan legislation requiring this Administration to implement a plan before lifting Title 42 that protects the public health and safety of our border communities and migrants. We need a secure, orderly, and humane response at our southern border and our bipartisan legislation holds the Biden administration accountable to that.”

In the House of Representatives, Congressmen Thomas O’Halleran and Greg Stanton have co-sponsored a similar measure in that chamber similar to the Senates.

In a statement on this legislation, Representative O’Halleran (CD-1) offered:

“I have long called for comprehensive immigration reform—investments in 21st-century border technology, protections for DREAMERS, and policies that ensure the safety of families on both sides of our southern border. That is why I’m joining a bipartisan group to introduce a bill that prevents the Biden Administration from rolling back Title 42 until a concrete plan to deal with the consequences to border communities is proposed and approved. Any changes to the current system must be robustly detailed and developed in consultation with local leaders, community advocates, and governmental entities in border states like Arizona. In requiring this concrete plan, we’re working to create a transparent process that will better ensure the health, safety, and humane treatment of kids and families on both sides of our southern border.”

Representative Stanton (CD-9) relayed:

“This Administration has yet to put forth a comprehensive, coordinated strategy to secure our border and ensure an efficient, humane immigration process. Lifting Title 42 without a plan in place risks the health and safety of both Arizona communities and migrants. Our bill will ensure that the federal government has time to prepare in consultation with impacted Arizona communities, law enforcement agencies and nonprofit organizations.”

It is astounding that none of these members of Arizona’s Democratic Congressional delegation have acknowledged in their social media posts what measures the Biden/Harris Administration has announced to counter any border surge. Furthermore, it is amazing that not one of them has put forth one idea (political talking points about safety and order do not count) about how to carry out the transition.

Sinema, Kelly, O’Halleran and Stanton have proposed nothing more than a measure designed to keep Title 42 in place until after the 2022 midterms.

This begs the question on why are they subscribing to the false talking points of the do-nothing Republicans and their allies in the alternative reality media.

Democrats do have another option to choose that could give them an advantage over Republicans this fall.

Challenge the Republicans and their awful record on Immigration.

Congressional Democrats and Administration officials need to put forth their own comprehensive immigration plan ahead of the 2022 elections and challenge the do- nothing Republicans to counter it.

It is time to stop being afraid of the hot air and bluster of do-nothing Republicans who only offer fear and demagoguery, not solutions.

Democrats need to stop fearing being labeled soft on crime and the border and forget what the pundits on Fox News are going to say.

Newsflash: Of course, they are going to say derogatory things about Democrats no matter what.

It is time for Democrats to stop whining, “please do not attack me on immigration.”

Republicans do not cower in fear from what the people at MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media say about them and their policies.

Why should the Democrats care about what the right wing zealots at Fox and the other conservative outlets say?

It is time for Democrats to come out in full force and tell the truth about what Republicans are so they can counter the lies coming from the other side about them.

Democrats need to offer a comprehensive immigration plan that shows voters that they champion a strong and secure and robust border system at all points of entry into this country along with a sound immigration processing system that protects Dreamers and admits individuals that have legally fulfilled all the admission requirements.

In a recent poll conducted by OH Predictive Arizona Public Opinion Pulse, the top two issues for Independents in Arizona are jobs/economy and immigration. For Democrats, it is health care and jobs/economy.

For Democrats to win this November, they need to say what they have accomplished in all three areas and offer plans for what will happen if they remain in power after the November 2022 elections.

Delay tactics are not the correct answer anymore.

It is time for Democrats to go on offense and put Republicans and their disastrous prescriptions for the country on defense. 

The time for comprehensive immigration reform is now and Democrats need to challenge Republicans on why they are not for it.




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  1. “I’ll continue pushing for transparency and accountability from the Administration to help secure the border…” blah blah blah

    This is $inema pretending to represent Arizona. What she’s really saying is “I’m so much more than a Green Party bisexual girl in a pink tutu who became a Democrat and then a traitor to the Democratic Party. I’m so much more than an ugly fashion icon who sold my Senate vote to wealthy, corporate donors who pay me to destruct the Biden agenda. Just look at me representing the state of Arizona by kicking up some of that “border” sand. Please call my office and say “Thank you, Senator Sinema” to my voice mail.

    Mark Kelly would be wise to give Sinema a wide berth.

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