Brewer: “Going in and decimating people’s lives is not the American way.”

by David Safier

This is getting interesting. Republican battle lines are being drawn, with the Accidental Gov along with some allies on one side and the hard line anti-tax conservatives on the other.

The Star article about an interview with Brewer preceding her Friday meeting in Tucson is an amazing document. Here are some quotes:

"It's really simple," she said, before heading to give a speech to business leaders at Tucson Country Club. "Where are you going to continuing cutting? What are you going to do? Do away with K-12, and slash-and-burn the universities?"

"You're affecting real people, real lives; and it's heartbreaking, to tell you the truth," she said, pointing to health and human services as one area in which it has been personally difficult for her to propose cuts.


"Going in and decimating people's lives is not the American way. You just can't do that," Brewer said.

Her tone is more telling than the content. Brewer is spouting — dare I say it? — the Democrat's party line, that the cuts will decimate education and ruin people's lives. She could have chosen softer rhetoric. Instead, she's throwing down the gauntlet to Pearce, Burns, Melvin, et al.

Strange days, indeed, as John Lennon once sang. (The title of the song, which could be considered prophetic, is "Nobody told me [there'd be days like these].")

One response to “Brewer: “Going in and decimating people’s lives is not the American way.”

  1. Hey, this Brewer character is getting more and more postings with less and less critique from the liberals over here than ever.
    Has anybody thought of doing some outreach and seeing if Jan Brewer would be open to becoming a Democrat?
    She could join the club of John McCain bipartisanship and acceptability (to liberals and liberal media).

    FYI, I don’t think there is anything per-se wrong with the word liberal.