Brewer on Immigrant Prisoner Release: Misplaced Blame


Gov.-Jan-Brewer-adjby Pamela Powers Hannley

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is pissed off at President Obama for releasing immigration prisoners from jail. She believes that the administration is playing some sort of high school payback game to punish Arizona. Puleeezzz.

If Brewer wants to blame someone for the nationwide immigrant prisoner release, she should blame Arizona Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain who stood with all of the other Republican Senators and allowed sequestration budget cuts to move forward.

You'll note that Brewer is not complaining about the tens of thousands of jobs that will be lost in Arizona, or the $17.7 million that Arizona's primary and secondary education programs will lose, or the empoverished Arizona children who will be tossed out of Head Start. She only cares about losses to Corrections Corporation of America's bottom line