Brewer stops preventive service funding for Planned Parenthood (video)


Mine915-sm72by Pamela Powers Hannley

While insisting that the War on Women is a myth cooked up by Democrats, Teapublicans nationwide continue to propose and pass anti-women legislation.

The latest salvo in the War on Women came Friday when Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a bill denying funds for non-abortion services provided to poor women by Planned Parenthood. 

From the Huffington Post

Planned Parenthood Arizona claims a funding ban would interrupt its preventive health care and family planning services for nearly 20,000 women served by the organization's clinics. The organization says it will consider a legal challenge.

The measure targeting funding for Planned Parenthood for non-abortion services was one of several approved by Arizona's Republican-led Legislature related to contentious reproductive health care issues this session.

Bills-953-sm72In recent weeks, Texas passed anti-Planned Parenthood legislation— which has been blocked by the courts (at least temporarily.)

To express their extreme displeasure– putting it politely here– women nationwide demonstrated against the War on Women last Saturday. Approximately 200-300 women participated in the Phoenix event, held on the lawn of the state capitol.

As activist and blogger Diane D'Angelo says in this video clip, "Complacency is not an option."