Brewer to G.I:”I don’t believe that figure”

by David Safier
It's one thing for a tax and spend liberal like me to go after the Goldwater Institute about figures they make up come out with. It's a whole 'nother thing when the Guv does it.

G.I. has been pushing a number that says a tax boost will cost Arizona some 14,000 private sector jobs. Brewer, who has been pushing the idea of a $1 billion tax hike, isn't buying it.

Brewer specifically rejected the results of a study conducted at the behest of the Goldwater Institute, which opposes her plan, claiming that hiking sales taxes by $1 billion a year would result in the loss of more than 14,000 private sector jobs.

"I do not believe that figure," she said.

Battle lines are being drawn on the budget, and Brewer has to be asking herself, which side am I on?

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  1. The claim is being made against the backdrop of large-scale public sector layoffs which are damaging services people expect from government as well as putting people out of work and removing their wages from consumer spending.

  2. I think the most interesting thing here is the response to the assertion of private sector job loss caused by a tax increase.

    What is the correct answer, that a $1 billion dollar tax hike will create 14,000 private sector jobs? Will it only shrink private jobs by 1,000?

    Or is Brewer’s answer really that the answer isn’t relevant. Pay no attention to private sector job loss people. There *is* no job loss here folks, move along. Really?

  3. This “study” was commissioned by the Goldwater Institute and done by thee Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University which is described as “Massachusetts’ premier free-market think tank.” This was to counter well-documented claims that more cuts to state government would mean increasing the length of the recession in the state. However, I can’t find the details of this study anywhere nor how this numbers were arrived at. Until we can see this information, this “study” is completely useless.

  4. AzBlueMeanie

    Goldwater Institute “studies” always begin with their desired conclusion: taxes are always bad. G.I. then walks back from its conclusion and constructs an alytical framework that ostensibly supports its conclusion. This is junk science. It violates every precept of scientific research. It would not hold up to scrutiny under peer review.

    I would like to see the economists at the W.P. Carey School of Business and the Morrison Institute of Public Policy peer review the “studies” that come out of G.I.

    Then maybe the lazy news media that reports every G.I. study as if it is the word of God would have someone credible to turn to for an actual expert opinion. G.I. gets paid to produce libertarian propaganda, and that is what they do. It’s studies are generally useless.

  5. Francine Shacter

    Parent X, I can empathize with your excitement – but I hate to see your reaction when your fondest and most optimistic view – doesn’t come true. This is the Easter/Passover season when people of religious commitment – and many who are not religious – are reminded about the Judeo-Christian virtues embodied in the maxim: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! So, we might ask Russell Pierce and many other just plain mean-spirited folks, who happen to be Republicans, are you living up to the teachings of your religion??? In a country of 300 million souls, it is hard to live out the brother’s keeper thing. That is why we invented government so there would be an elected entity, responsive to the entire population, who could embody the noblest sentiments of “community”.

    Just my 2 cents!

  6. GOOD for the Governor. Man, does she have some moxy! Interesting too, seeing as though she has former Goldwaterites on her staff.

    Maybe, just maybe, when Brewer asks herself “which side am I on?” she decides that she is going to chuck out the partisan and trade it in for the benefit of the people of our state. The very thought of this possibility makes me giddy with excitement.

    If she keeps up this kind of straight talk, I can almost imagine plunking a Brewer 2010 sign in front of Casa Parent X….