Bringing in the big guns: Clinton stumps for Carmona


by Pamela Powers Hannley

The Democrats smell blood in the water. 

Congressman Jeff Flake– formerly thought to be the heir apparent to retiring Jon Kyl's US Senate seat– is now in a dead heat for that seat with Independent-turned-Democrat, former Surgeon General, Green Baret, Pima County Sheriff's Deputy, ER doc Richard Carmona.  

Carmona has been stumping tirelessly statewide for almost a year, steadily rising in the polls and raising millions of dollars to beat the lobbyist-turned-Tepublican. Carmona's increasing popularity and public pressure recently persuaded Flake to agree to multiple debates statewide. Flake had previously declined all debates, beyond a simple forum at a Phoenix PBS station with no audience. Another sign that Flake is in trouble; he is coming under fire on social media for twisting the facts about Carmona's past. (OK, politicians twist facts for a living, but Carmona has such a distinguished record of service that the super-PAC-funded trash talk is backfiring on Flake.)

A sure sign the Dems think they can win this, they recently announced that the big fundraising gun of the party– former President Bill Clinton– will stump for Carmona this week, October 10 in Tempe. Go here to register for this event. Woot! 

Clinton poster