Bringing out the big guns

by David Safier

No, the headline "Bringing out the big guns" isn't another example of a gun-related metaphor. It's a literal statement of fact, referring to "Shot•Show, Where the Industry Comes Together": the big gun show in Vegas last week.

Media Matters has a big story on the show, and an exclusive. Apparently, photos are prohibited, but MM has a slew of photos from the show. Let me put it this way; these folks aren't appealing to duck hunters.

For instance, there's this.


And this.


And this, complete with sales pitch:

"Our dual tube feature maximizes operator lethality," said sales representative Chad Enos as he brandished a floor model of the KSG 12-gauge, a new pistol-grip shotgun produced by the American firearms manufacturer Kel-Tec. "This bad boy looks like it shouldn't be legal. But it is."


When the Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment, they were thinking about a gun you had to stop and reload every time you wanted to fire. I need an originalist to explain to me how the Glock with an extended magazine and the new KSG shotgun are included in the original intent of the Founding Fathers.

0 responses to “Bringing out the big guns

  1. Agree. This needs to be addressed.
    Perhaps the reasoning is that if/when citizens need to stand against the government, they need to be equally matched against a modern military. Only a matter of time that cluster bombs and claymores will be acceptable hunting/protection weapons.
    As a country, we are way over the “intent” of the 2nd ammendment.

  2. Original intent is dead and has been dead for years. Why, after everyone else has moved on, are leftists concerning themselves with original intent? That isn’t even what’s usually meant by originalism anymore, and certainly isn’t what informs e.g. Clarence Thomas’s jurisprudence.