Broadway Widening: Citizens’ Task Force Meeting March 19

Broadway Blvd
2014 public meeting on Broadway widening
Broadway Blvd
2014 public meeting on Broadway widening

The Broadway Citizens Task Force (CTF)– the city-appointed residents and business owners who have been working on the Broadway widening project– will meet at 5:30 today, March 19, at the Our Savior’s Lutheran Church at 1200 N. Campbell Ave.

The focus of the meeting is to review the latest round of plans and maps for widening Broadway to six-lanes and knocking down 37 buildings in the process. You’ll remember a week ago, Sustainable Tucson, Blog for Arizona, and others were encouraging everyone to comment on those maps that show staff recommendations. All comments made by the March 11 deadline were sent to the CTF members before today’s meeting, but comments are still being gathered at this address:

There will be two calls to the audience at tonight’s meeting, and if an agreement on the maps is not reached tonight, there could be a subsequent meeting next week. Here’s the back story on the current maps. Details, maps and agenda here.

Come on down and speak out for  “human scale” improvements to Broadway.

Below is the background and important future dates from the Broadway Coalition (the group of citizen activists who are pushing for modest, less destructive improvements to Broadway).

Citizen’s Task Force Meeting

March 19, 2015 at 5:30-8:30
1200 N. Campbell, Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, Activity Room

5:45 first call to the audience for 15 minutes (2-3 minutes per speaker)

8:10 second call to the audience for 10 minutes (2-3 minutes/speaker)

The main part of the meeting is discussion regarding the proposed alignment and moving it to a recommendation to Mayor and Council. If the CTF cannot come to agreement on the 19, a possible meeting to continue the discussion is set for Thursday March 26.

April 13-24: public Open House is scheduled.

April 30: possible CTF meeting to complete recommendation to Mayor and Council after the Public Open House.

 May 19: Mayor and Council adoption of an alignment and approve the authority to acquire property. Also they will be asked to approve a request to RTA for more money for construction drawings and property acquisition.

 June 25 RTA Board Meeting where there will be a request for funds to begin construction documents and property acquisition.

So as you can see the project continues to move forward.

Thank you all for your many comments to the Mayor and Council as well as to the design team at We hope they will make a difference and move this project from one of destruction of our historic buildings and small businesses, to a project that recognizes the unique asset of our vibrant small businesses and historic character of the area. Please help us accomplish this by coming to the meetings and communicating to the elected officials. We need a smart plan.


  1. I had a work-related event last night and couldn’t attend the Broadway widening meeting. Bottomline: they did NOT approve the maps!

    Here’s a recap from a neighborhood leader:

    “Fascinating meeting! Steve K there plus Molly McKasson!! She spoke at call to audience. Wow the CTF expressed feelings of betrayal and lack of trust of the City project team; very frank discussion. One member Diane confessing she was afraid to express her true feelings of doubt over the course of the project until (a) the recent business and property owners meeting, and (b) the eloquent remarks of fellow board member Colby. Hence, she said she feels she has not fully served the stakeholders she represents! And she cannot approve the alignment. A few in minority spoke in support, surprisingly few. (Does that mean they are so confident – they already are in power?) Bottom line – no decision! They will meet again in a week. It is a travesty, such a waste of resources to be nowhere in making a sound decision, IMHO. And forward thinking sustainable humane alternatives are beyond the City’s skill level apparently. Good crowd of observers. 80 maybe? More?”

    Did anyone tape Molly McKasson’s speech? I’d love to see it.

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