Can we panic yet?

by David Safier
In my previous post, I wrote about Tom Horne telling us not to panic over K-12 budget cuts, since maybe they won't be as bad as you think.

Then I read this in the Arizona Guardian:

Rep. John Kavanagh and Sen. Russell Pearce, who chair the
appropriations committees, said late last week they are continuing to
work with members one-on-one and in small groups to build consensus for
a Republican-backed budget. But individual lawmakers still were balking
at making more huge cuts to education and social services, some GOP
legislators said.

If some Republican legislators are "balking
at making more huge cuts to education and social services," that tells me Kavanagh and Pearce want to make huge cuts to education and social services. Otherwise, why would they be balking?

Can we panic yet?

[Picture at right: Cutman, AKA Russell Pearce]

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  1. Come now, were you really not going to panic until the Arizona Guardian used the h word?