As AZ Blue Meanie and others have reported, the Arizona State Supreme Court has declared that accused January 6, 2021 plotters Andy Biggs, Mark Finchem, and Paul Gosar can remain on the 2022 ballots.

As the reporting stated, the courts reasoned that the constitutional authority to disqualify a candidate for office rests with Congress, not the judicial branch.



It would seem that now the decision rests with the voters.

Reacting to the court decision, Adam Morgan, a Republican running against Mr. Gosar in the August Primary, commented:

“I respect the court’s decision and agree that elected officials should be chosen by the voters. This is yet another example of how Gosar’s actions distract from the needs of the district, hinder his ability to legislate and create a negative perspective of the people of CD9.  I’m looking forward to beating him fair and square on August 2nd.”

On Gosar, Arizona Secretary of State Candidate Adrian Fontes offered:

“Paul Gosar is a traitor and the Court got it wrong.”

Javier Ramos, the Democratic candidate running against Mr. Biggs (the person, who unlike Hillary Clinton, is too cowardly (or guilty) to appear before a Congressional Committee,) relayed:

“We, as Americans, have always come together when we encountered a common enemy.  The attack on our Nation’s Capitol on January 6, 2011, was disheartening to the majority of Americans. Our judicial system is capable of prosecuting low level insurrectionists, who attacked our officers and attempted to stop the certification of the 2010 election. But the same judicial system, at this time, is incapable of bringing high level officials, who were responsible for the planning and organizing of the events that led to the events of January 6, to justice.  Elections matter and elections have consequences.  A vote for Biggs ensures that we will never fully understand what occured on January 6 nor will we ever be able to bring to justice the officials responsible for the attack on our Capitol. Never underestimate the intelligence of the American voters when it comes to the General Election on November 8, 2022.  The American voter will vote in representatives who are good for our Country and who will bring us together when we have a common enemy.”

Voters in Arizona and across the nation will have to decide in November whether accused traitors like Biggs, Gosar, or Finchem deserve to hold office.

Hopefully, they will pick loyalty to the country and the themes of the American Ideal over worshiping the UnAmerican Cult of Trump.