Candlelight vigil, Tuesday, 5:30pm, UMC

by David Safier

I post this as a service to readers. I know nothing about this vigil, only what I read on a Facebook update I received, which I'm posting here, so I can't verify what it says.

Subject: Urgent request for candle volunteers TONIGHT AT SUNSET at UMC !
We are in urgent need of volunteers who can come help replenish the Candlelight Vigil Shrine at the UMC for Rep. Giffords & the other victims of Saturday's shooting – TONIGHT AT SUNSET (5:30pm).

We have purchased 114 "3-day" candles to replace those candles which have burned out….in preparation of President Obama's visit.

Sarah Herrmann will coordinate 5 individuals to help her re-invigorate all the tall glass & other protected holders in the current Shrine … but, we need as many people to form a straight line of "Hope and Community Solidarity" (holding regular, candlestick "vigil" candles with cups, facing the street) to stand in back of the "replacement" crew.

Since the major networks have set up temp on-site studios & the nation's/global media are literally living at that location – it will present another visual opportunity for the world to see the heart of Tucson via this coordinated effort.

Please call Sarah Herrmann at 602-377-3759 or Monty Edmonds at 520-205-1562 if you have any questions.

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