What is in the Envelope?

The indictment of Loughner reveals one key detail that we are sure to hear more about soon: "Also recovered in the safe was an envelope with handwriting on the envelope stating “I planned ahead” and My assassination” and the name “Giffords,” along with what appears to be LOUGHNER’s signature." This was a planned assassination. And, … Read more

Indictment of Jared Loughner

COMPLAINT United States District Court DISTRICT OF ARIZONA United States of America   v JARED LEE LOUGHNER DOB: xx/xx/1988; United States Citizen DOCKET NO. MAGISTRATE’S CASE NO. 11-0035M Complaint for violation of Title 18 United States Code 351(c); Title 18 United States Code 1114 and 1111; and Title 18 United States Code 1114 and 1113 … Read more

PCSO Clears Second Suspect

Pima Sheriffs have been seeking a second suspect based on security footage of the area. Now they have cleared that suspect of any wrong-doing, though they still have not released the identity of the second man. We do know that he was a cab driver who dropped off Loughner and accompanied him into Safeway in … Read more