Biden/Harris Campaign, Engel, and O’Callaghan React to the Democratic Special Election Congressional Victory in New York

New York Congressional District (CD) Three is one of 18 battleground districts that Joe Biden won in 2020 that a Republican House Candidate prevailed in during the 2022 Midterms. With the victory of Democrat Tom Suozzi in a special election last night (February 13, 2024) to replace the disgraced and criminally imperiled MAGA stalwart George … Read more

AZ State Representative Laura Terech Discusses the Election Fix for 2024

Tense Moments. Tireless efforts. Hardworking legislators and staffs. Marathon negotiations. Those are some of the descriptions given by State Representative Laura Terech, the Arizona House Democrat charged with negotiating and compromising on HB2785, a fix to the 2024 election cycle with her Republican legislator colleague Alex Kolodin. A fix was necessary to the 2024 election … Read more

Eureka: Bipartisan Compromise Reached at the State Legislature on the 2024 Election Fix

What a difference four days makes. On Monday, there appeared to be an insurmountable wide gulf between Republicans and Democrats on how to proceed with fixing the 2024 election calendar after the 2022 Republican led State Legislature adjusted the margins required to institute a mandatory voter recount. However, both sides, in the span of almost … Read more

Arizona Democratic Officeholders Strongly Condemn Republican Voter Suppression Bill to Address the Election Mess MAGA Legislators Created

In 2022 when it was becoming increasingly clear in the Cyber Ninjas fiasco that there was no fraud in the Presidential Elections in Arizona, Republican lawmakers and Governor Doug Ducey, largely at the behest of their Trumpets-MAGA masters passed a election law that would trigger more automatic voter recounts if the margin of victory is … Read more