As Cochise County Recorder, Anne Carl will Take on the Culture of Corruption and Conspiracy Fanaticism 

Integrity, Competence, and Expertise.  Those are the attributes seasoned Educator and Attorney Anne Carl will bring to the Cochise County Recorders Office if elected to that position this November.  For the residents of Cochise County, that would be a welcome breath of fresh air as current recorder David Stevens has made an infamous name for … Read more

Watch the Seneca Project Ad That Condemns the MAGA-Trumpist Version of Mein Kampf and The Handmaid’s Tale: Project 2025

The women in this country need to be very afraid if MAGA Republicans can implement the agenda outlined in their manifesto, Project 2025. In their latest ad, “PAY ATTENTION: Project 2025 Is Not a Game,” the Seneca ad makers, including Donald ‘I Killed Roe v Wade” show the crafters of the MAGA-Trumpism combined version of … Read more

During this July 4 Holiday Week, Latino Supporters Voice Approval for the Biden/Harris Ticket

At two campaign events this last week (post debate for those who are now measuring time that way,) Latino supporters gathered to voice their approval for the Biden/Harris ticket. At the first event, Phoenix Councilwoman Betty Guardado appeared and spoke on the Spanish speaking radio network La Onda Spanish Radio. According to a press release … Read more

The Hypocrisy of Rep. Raul Grijalva — a 76-Year-Old Cancer Patient — to Say President Biden Should Step Down

Are there valid concerns about whether President Joe Biden should continue campaigning for re-election? Yes, based on recent reports from media outlets like the New York Times and his recent debate performance. That said, it is despicable and disgusting to see the piling on against Biden by renowned journalists, Congressmen, and donors who acknowledge President Biden has … Read more

(UPDATED) 823,685 Voter Signatures Submitted for Reproductive Freedom Amendment to the Arizona Constitution

This morning, advocates for Reproductive Freedom and Women’s health care led by the group Arizonans for Abortion Access submitted 823,685 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office to place an initiative on the November Ballot that would restore a woman’s right to choose. At a press event at the State Capitol, one of the initiative … Read more