Justine Wadsack and Wendy Rogers Like to Appear with Traitors and White Nationalist-Anti Semites

Arizona State Senator Justine Wadsack has encountered a couple of what should be insurmountable problems for a politician this week. First, as Blog founder Michael Bryan reported yesterday (November 9, 2023,) Ms. Wadsack apparently does not live in the legislative district (Arizona LD 17) she represents. If confirmed, by Arizona statute, she can not run … Read more

Where Does Arizona Senator Justine Wadsack ACTUALLY Live? Not in LD 17.

Wadsack REALLY lives in midtown in the Sam Hughes neighborhood – outside the district she ‘represents’ – despite her continuing lies. At least, that is where she and her family actually VOTE. She shouldn’t even be eligible to vote for herself, let alone represent a district she clearly doesn’t actually live in. The Tucson Sentinel … Read more

Election Night 2023 was a Great Night for Democracy, Freedom, and Progress in Arizona and Across the Country

While the voting results in some races like which political party will control Virginia’s State House of Delegates may not be known until later this evening or tomorrow morning at the earliest, it is safe to report that the 2023 elections are a major victory for the supporters of Democracy, Freedom, and Progress in Arizona … Read more


General Election 2023 results for City of Tucson – updated

UPDATING only Prop, 413 since it was too close to call on Election Night, Nov. 7, 2023. Provisional ballots have been counted. See below. Other races have been determined. Prop. 413 has apparently won by a close margin of 289 votes, so may be headed to a recount. City of Tucson election held today for … Read more

A Busy Past Week for Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs

This is what good government is supposed to be about. Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs has spent the last week taking part in events or working on public policy issues designed to move the Grand Canyon State forward and lift people up. On October 30, 2023, the Governor, with Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, participated in … Read more