The Voucher Vultures are back with yet another manufactured ‘crisis’

Towards the end of the legislative session last spring, Republicans introduce legislation in response to the Arizona Department of Education rescinding participation in the ESA program from families on the Navajo Nation because funds from the accounts were used at a private school in New Mexico. The ‘Voucher Vultures’ are using Navajo children as pawns in … Read more

Arizona’s authoritarian Republican ‘shadow’ Secretary of State must be defeated

As Republicans have done in other states where voters threw them out of office in favor of Democrats — North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Kentucky for example — authoritarian Republicans now want to limit the powers of the Secretary of State as the chief elections officer in Arizona. Arizona’s reigning queen of GOP voter suppression … Read more

History made with Women Mayors in Flagstaff, Phoenix and Tucson

Over the last 30 years, women in Arizona politics of both political parties have had a big impact on shaping local and state policy. Arizona has had four Women Governors (Rose Mofford, Jane Hull, Janet Napolitano, and Jan Brewer) since 1988. In that same time period, Arizona has had six women Secretaries of State. Three … Read more

More Money is needed to Investigate Potential Teacher Misbehavior in Arizona.

There are over 90,000 certified public school teachers in Arizona. The overwhelming majority of them work hard and do an exceptional job in educating the state’s children. There are however a small fraction of this group (1140 so far in 2019) or less than one percent of the total number of teachers that have been … Read more

Elections have consequences: Virginia poised to ratify the ERA Amendment (Updated)

The results of Tuesday’s election in Virginia in which Democrats completed taking full control of the states legislative chambers, after taking full control of statewide offices two years ago, may have far-reaching consequences for the nation. Amanda Marcotte at Salon explains that Virginia going blue means there could be 38 states completing ratification of the … Read more