The 2020 Census and redistricting

On December 30, 2019 the Census Bureau released its newest population estimates for every state, detailing how many residents each state has gained or lost since the last census, in 2010. The Census Bureau provides the next Important Dates to come in the 2020 Census: Counting every person living in the United States is a massive undertaking, … Read more

LD 20 Representative Anthony Kern is not the “Chosen One”

Legislative District 20 Representative Anthony Kern is the latest Republican member of the Arizona State Legislature that thinks scientifically accurate age-appropriate sex education is bad for children. He joins a club of fellow same thinking village idiots that includes Speaker Russell “I attend Hate Group Conferences” Bowers, State Senator Sylvia “Out of the Closet Racist” … Read more

The Arizona Bicameral Sustainability Workgroup wants to work with Cities and Businesses on Clean Air Programs That Work.

Sustainably Workgroup Chairperson and Arizona Legislative District 18 Representative Mitzi Epstein and the other group members are not looking to reinvent the wheel with regards to programs to reduce air pollution. They want to take clean air programs that have been introduced with success in other cities and through various businesses and build on them … Read more

The batshit crazy right-wing insanity going on in Arizona that the GOP-friendly local media entirely fail to report

I really can’t stand watching local television news programming for anything but the weather report. When the talking heads reading from the teleprompter do what they call their “national news” segment, it invariably means whatever “Dear Leader” tweeted today. This is how Donald Trump controls the content of the news, even though his Twitter missives … Read more

The CAA wants to Help Children that Live with Unlicensed Kinship Care Providers

Kinship Care is not the first item that comes to mind on the many issues that will be discussed among public servants at the Arizona State Legislature in 2020. It is, however, an important issue for the thousands of Arizona children placed by the Department of Child Safety (DCS) that live with relatives other than … Read more