Amy Fitch Seeks LD 17 State Senate Seat and Pledges to Be a Good Steward that will Focus on Finding Solutions for All

In the November 2022 elections, voters in Arizona Legislative District (LD) 17, an area encompassing Republican-friendly Oro Valley and the outer edges of the Tucson area elected Justine Wadsack by a slim margin over Democratic opponent Mike Nickerson. Wadsack, a fringe extremist candidate who lost to Kirsten Engel by over 17 points in a State … Read more

Romero and Gallego

Mayors Romero and Gallego Celebrate the One Year Anniversary of The Inflation Reduction Act

It has been one year since the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act. Originally labeled Build Back Better, this historic legislation, passed without the vote of any Republican (who, like their predecessors who all voted against Obamacare and the Clinton Deficit Reduction Plan, showed they were on the wrong side of history,) has, according to … Read more

As the Successor to Jennifer Pawlik in LD 13, Brandy Reese will Seek Common Ground and Put Facts over Fear and Conspiracies

With the pending retirement of three-term State House Legislative District (LD) 13 Representative Jennifer Pawlik from the Arizona Legislature, former 2022 LD 14 House candidate Brandy Reese, a forensic science chemist, peace officer, mother of two daughters, and public education activist, has declared her run to succeed the well-regarded legislator. Arizona LD 13 encompasses all … Read more

Mayes and O’Callaghan Comment on the Continuing Water Usage Issues at the Saudi run Fondomonte

Thanks to the inept policy decisions of the Doug Ducey Gubernatorial Administration, the Saudi Arabian agricultural firm, Fondomonte, is still legally allowed to pump as much water (free of charge) as it can so they can grow alfalfa in Salome, Arizona to ship to their nation and feed its livestock. Apparently, the Ducey team did … Read more

(UPDATED)While Republicans Whined About President Biden protecting the Grand Canyon and looked backward on Environmental Policy, Arizona Democratic Leaders Celebrated that and the CHIPS Act

This is another week where voters in Arizona and the country can see the vast differences between the two major political parties. And not for the Republican’s benefit. On Tuesday, August 8, 2023, President Biden, with Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, Governor Katie Hobbs, Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Representative Raul Grijalva, Representative Greg Stanton, and … Read more