Leaders vs. Climbers

I’ve been thinking a little about leadership lately. I’m going to make an extraordinary claim that many readers will disagree with: Bush is a great leader. Before I substantiate that claim, I’ll qualify it: while he’s a great leader, he’s leading in all the worst ways and to all the wrong ends. Bush is wrong … Read more

Republicash Establishment Terrified of Pullen

Looks like the GOP establishment is officially terrified of Randy Pullen. They’ve rolled out the cage in which they keep their favorite attack troll, Nathan Sproul. Sproul comes out swinging in a letter to GOP State Committeemen, calling Pullen a liar, a braggart, a turn-coat, a light-weight who is unproven in fund-raising, and generally a … Read more


What a great time we Liberals had last night making fun of W’s 6th SOTU. By this time we can anticipate exactly what lies and distortions his speech writers will trot out. In fact, we played a round of SOTU bingo based on his favorite buzz words, phrases and subjects. I was tempted to play … Read more

Lisa James = John McCain

This weekend a very important bellweather for the McCain Presidential campaign will sound: the election of a new Arizona GOP Chairman. Lisa James is widely regarded as the means by which McCain will cement his control over the Arizona GOP and lock down his home state, the loss of which in the preference primary would … Read more

China Signals Need for Updated Space Treaties

Link: China carries out test of kinetic anti-satellite technology. China today aimed a shot squarely across the bow of the Bush Administration’s unrealistic plans to build unilateral military dominance in space. I’ve written about the background of the issue in the past, basically arguing that this Administration’s initiatives to weaponize space risk setting off a … Read more