Vichy Democrats Put Alito on the Bench

VichyThe Democratic Senators who voted for cloture have put Alito on the bench. One can debate how much of an effect it will have for a Catholic majority to control our highest court, but the simple fact is that Bush should not have been able to put as conservative a justice as Alito on the bench when laboring under his scandalous record and a pitiful performance rating.

The Democratic party folded over one little word, "obstructionist". Again, instead of taking such a pissant little label, like "liberal", and making it a badge of honor, they slunk off an did the GOP’s dirty business.

This nomination should have been a line in the sand, er… well, those haven’t worked out very well lately… this nomination should have been a make or break moment for every Democrat. Either you’re with us or your dead electoral meat. In the end 25 Democratic Senators did the right thing, but there are several who need to feel a little wrathiness from their base.

The Vichy Democrats are:

Nelson (FL)
Nelson (NE)
T. Johnson
B. Lincoln

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Robert Shows True Colors

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