Knock Yourselves Out, House Maga Republicans

One definition of insanity is committing the same act again and again even though there was no positive benefit to the action. MAGA House Republicans want to force the Democrats (and even some Senate Republicans) to agree to their draconian spending cut proposals (including repealing many of the clean energy provisions of the Inflation Reduction … Read more

Jim Messina is Right: Democrats Need to Stop “Bedwetting” Over One Poll 14 Months Before the Presidential Election

This has happened before. Democrats were pessimistic about Bill Clinton’s reelection prospects after the 1994 midterms. He left office in 2001 more popular, thanks to his economic policies (budget surpluses, record employment, the CHIPS Act for Child Healthcare) and opposition to Republican ones than when he was first elected, even after getting impeached on flimsy … Read more

CD One Candidate Conor O’Callaghan Appears on Symone

With Arizona Congressional District One a major battleground in the 2024 elections (the incumbent, David Schweikert won by less than a point in 2022,) Democratic Candidate Conor O’Callaghan took his case for his party’s nomination to Symone Sanders Townsend in an interview on MSNBC on Labor Day. On why he is the best Democratic candidate … Read more

To Break in The Start of the NFL season, The Biden/Harris Campaign will Launch Another Ad in Arizona

The Biden/Harris Campaign is starting to heat up on the airwaves in Arizona. On Labor Day, the President and Vice Presidents’ campaign team launched an ad, called “Manufacturing Boom,” touting the effect of the bipartisan CHIPS Act on high-tech industries benefiting blue and green-collar workers in Arizona. The campaign is continuing its social media investment … Read more

This Labor Day, The Biden/Harris Campaign Launched Their First Ad for the Arizona Market

The Biden/Harris Campaign was on full thrusters this Labor Day in battleground states. First, the President delivered an address, touting Bidenomics, including the job creation record that has occurred so far during the Biden/Harris Administration. It is a record reinforced by another positive (yet moderating) employment report in August where approximately 187,000 jobs were created. … Read more