Update on the AZLeg Session So Far From Reps. DeGrazia & Abraham, & Sen. Stahl Hamilton

Our excellent Dem delegation from Legislative District 10 in Tucson sat down with AZDem Environmental Council Co-Chair Nick Arnold for an hour of discussion about many of the pending issues and events in this 55th session of the AZLeg in this Cross-Over week. Since the drop-dead date for bills (other than appropriations and strikers) has … Read more

The City of Tucson Hires Buro Happold to Help Develop its Climate Action and Adaptation Plan

Since Tucson Mayor Regina Romero took office in 2019, she and the Tucson City Council have taken many steps to modernize, enhance, and revolutionize the city’s infrastructure and green energy sustainability features. These steps include: Developing and updating an Electric Vehicle Readiness Roadmap. This has helped lead to the start of installing electric charging stations … Read more

Help Put Democrats on the Ballot for AZ Corporation Commission

We need Democrats on the ballot at every level of Arizona’s government. We should and must contest for every race, every office, in every district. One of the lesser-known, but vastly important offices in Arizona government are five commissioners of the Arizona Corporation Commission – the fourth branch of our Arizona government. Today I’m asking … Read more

Mayor Gallego, Mayor Romero, and Councilwoman Ansari React to Arizona Qualifying for $76.5 Million to Develop Electric Charging Stations

Arizona, thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, has qualified to receive $76.5 million to develop electric charging stations along its six federal interstate highway systems. According to reporting from AZ Mirror, the goal of the five billion dollar national program is to expand the amount of electric charging stations across the country from 47,055 to … Read more

Action Alert: AZCC Candidate Lauren Kuby Wants YOUR Help to Stop SB1631!

Tomorrow, Wednesday February 16th at 2:00 p.m. the Senate Committee on Natural Resources, Energy and Water will hear SB1631, electric energy; public policy; reliability. If passed, this bill will repeal the state statute that allows for retail energy competition. Sound familiar? It should. HB2101 failed on the house floor on Monday and it would have … Read more