Pima County Attorney Laura Conover Nails Her Primary Opponent as a Fake Democrat

Pima County Attorney Laura Conover identified Mark Jette, her opponent in the Democratic primary, as a Republican imposter. Speaking at the June 10 meeting of Democrats of Oro Valley, Conover said: At a separate meeting, Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes said, “What the Republicans are doing in Pima County by running one of their own … Read more

Sundareshan, Stahl Hamilton, and Conover Condemn Convicted Donald and MAGA Republicans for Blocking Protections to Access Contraception

Earlier this week, most Republicans in the United States Senate blocked advancing a measure that would have protected the rights of Americans to obtain medically safe contraception. Earlier this year, Republicans in the Arizona State Legislature did the same. Yesterday (June 6, 2024,) leading Arizona advocates for reproductive freedom and access to contraception in the … Read more

Tucson Rep. Chris Mathis: “VOTE NO” on Illegal Republican ‘Secure the Border’ Initiative

By Chris Mathis, AZ Representative (D-LD18) This is a dark week for Arizona.  The Arizona GOP has once again shown its true colors with House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 2060 – a ballot referral bill that’s unconstitutional in multiple ways, 100% politically motivated, deeply harmful to our immigrant communities, and has now officially passed the House on a … Read more

Arizona’s #MAGAGOP Extremists Are Misbehaving Like Spoiled Children Abusing the Family Credit Card

I wonder if anyone else has noticed how petulant and oppositional-defiant the MAGA crew running the Arizona Legislature are behaving? Given control of the public purse they’ve run the state into an almost $2 billion deficit in just one year with unpopular and out-of-control voucher scheme for the wealthiest in Arizona. Now they are demanding … Read more