Elect Pro-Solar Regulators to Arizona’s Utility Commission

Why isn’t Arizona the solar capital of the USA? It’s because the Republican members of the Arizona Corporation Commission actively oppose clean energy and promote fossil fuels. Three seats on the 5-member commission are up for election in 2024, and four Democrats are vying for the 3 seats. It’s time for the voters to dump … Read more

UPDATED: MAGA’s Entirely Fact-Free Impeachment Inquiry of Homeland Secretary Mayorkas

UPDATE 2/18: It was the most useless and dumbest thing the House MAGA minority could do, so of course, they led their pack of cowed Trumpanzees to do it: they actually impeached Mayorkas for – nothing. They will either get some Republican support on a motion to dismiss without a trial in the Senate, or … Read more

Would Trump Even Defend Alaska if Russia Attacked it?

Donald Trump is utterly vile. It is absolutely unconscionable and a literal treason to the United States’ Constitution to support him for President again given that he tried to overthrow our government last time and has damaged our national security in profound ways that most don’t even fully understand yet. I didn’t think my opinion … Read more

Are Democrats Going Run to the Right of MAGA on Immigration Now?

President Joe Biden seems to have decided that the best way to position Democrats on immigration is to go on offense and run to the right of MAGA. Being on offense? I approve. Trying to flank MAGA and Trump on to the right? I doubt it will work. The Senate bipartisan compromise bill’s (analysis of … Read more