Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego Nominated for the Gabrielle Giffords Rising Star Award

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego has been nominated for the Gabrielle Giffords Rising Star Award. It's an honor to be nominated amongst some truly impressive women from across the U.S. Thank you to @LaphonzaB & the team at @emilyslist for the opportunity. No Arizonan has won this award— let's change that. Voting starts TODAY & ends … Read more

Phoenix Makes Progress in Affordable Housing, Helping the Homeless, and Sustainability

The City of Phoenix, under the leadership of Mayor Kate Gallego and the other members of the Phoenix City Council, has over the last couple of years, laid out extensive roadmaps to make progress in the areas of: Affordable Housing. Reducing Homelessness. Charting a forward course in combatting climate change and adopting a clean energy … Read more

Winning Messaging for an Arizona Coordinated Campaign: Make Arizona Better!

UPDATE 3/15/21 (h/t to Barry K.): Here is a master messenger at work: GA’s Stacey Abrams, making the message of boosting educational spending, expanding Medicare coverage, and protecting voting rights her own. This tripod of issues should be an inspiration and foundation for our own candidates here in Arizona! I have not been impressed with … Read more

New Maricopa County Democratic Party Political Director Andie Gomez sees 2022 as the Year of Opportunity

The Maricopa County Democratic Party has set a major ambitious political goal for 2022. To build a strong political bench of winning candidates at the local level in school board, city council, and other local races so these people can later vie for higher offices at the County, State, and Congressional Levels. They have already … Read more