Candidate Conor O’Callaghan Discusses the Race for the Democratic House Congressional District One Primary

Arizona House Congressional District (CD) One is one of the most watched Congressional races in the country. A district where, in 2022, incumbent David Schweikert prevailed in a non-Presidential election year by about a point, has Democrats gleeful that this seat can be a pick up on the road to recapturing a House majority in … Read more

Yassamin Ansari and Marlene Galan-Woods Release New Congressional Campaign Ads

Democratic House Congressional Candidates Yassamin Ansari (CD Three) and Marlene Galan-Woods (CD One) have released new campaign ads highlighting reasons why voters should select them in the upcoming primary elections. In the well produced Ansari ad, the former Phoenix Councilwoman and Vice Mayor, walking in a black and white screen with the words “Democracy under … Read more

Unlike the 34 Count Convicted MAGA Candidate, President Biden Strikes the Right Note After his Son’s Conviction

Hunter Biden, the President’s son, was found guilty today on three counts of gun possession stemming from while he was under the influence of illegal substances. Unlike his 34 count convicted MAGA predecessor following his trial, President Joe Biden (at least publicly) struck the right notes following the jury verdict against his son, issuing a … Read more

Think We Can Get Demented Traitor and Convicted Trump a Guest Slot on the Next Sharknado

Yesterday (June 10,2024,) the Blog’s Larry Bodine reported how Traitor and 34 Times Convicted Felon Donald Trump committed perhaps the gaffe of the 2024 election season at a weekend rally in Las Vegas by saying “I don’t want everyone going on me, we need ver voter. I don’t care about you. I just want your … Read more