Sundareshan, Stahl Hamilton, and Conover Condemn Convicted Donald and MAGA Republicans for Blocking Protections to Access Contraception

Earlier this week, most Republicans in the United States Senate blocked advancing a measure that would have protected the rights of Americans to obtain medically safe contraception. Earlier this year, Republicans in the Arizona State Legislature did the same. Yesterday (June 6, 2024,) leading Arizona advocates for reproductive freedom and access to contraception in the … Read more

Bejarano, Liguori, and Neely Call Out Trumpist Extremism Ahead of the Convicted Trump MAGA-Bund Rally with Fellow January 6 Insurrentionist Planner Charlie Kirk

Ahead of 34 times convicted Donald ‘I killed Roe v Wade’ and ‘I want to be dictator for a day’ Trump’s MAGA-Bund Rally hosted by fellow accused January 6 insurrectionist and traitor Charlie Kirk, Arizona Democratic Party Chairperson Yolanda Bejarano, State Representative Sarah Liguori, and former Republican Vice Mayor of Phoenix Peggy Neely held an … Read more

Democracy Warrior Gail Kamaras Inducted into Democratic Hall of Fame

Gail Kamaras of Tucson singlehandedly collected signatures for 250 petitions for the pro-choice AAA Initiative. An attorney and avid hiker, she loves setting up a colorful ironing board at a local library or farmer’s market to gather signatures on petitions or register new voters. Gail, a precinct committee person in Legislative District 18 in Tucson, was inducted … Read more

President Biden and Arizona Democrats React to Donald ‘I killed Roe v Wade’ Trump’s Approval of Red States Becoming Little Republics of Gilead

Donald ‘I killed Roe v Wade’ Trump gave an interview to Time Magazine where he, AGAIN, revealed to the American People how much he would pursue an authoritarian course if reelected to the White House this November. Among his declarations are his repeated assertions to mass deport illegal immigrants complete with concentration camps, send the … Read more

Arizona Legislative Senate Dems Lead Repealing Civil War Era Ban on Reproductive Freedom

On the day Floridian women saw their reproductive freedom severely curtailed with a six week ban on abortions going into effect, the Arizona State Senate, with uniamious Democratic support, repealed the Civil War era ban on reproductive freedom. Only Republicans Shawna Bolick and T.J. Shope supported the repeal. The repeal will go into effect 90 … Read more