‘CCA, go away’: Florida residents say ‘no’ to nation’s largest deportation center (video)


No ccaby Pamela Powers Hannley

Private prisons are a "infecting our nation like a virus," according to Florida activists who are fighting against the construction of one of the nation's largest immigrant deportation centers. 

From their website…

We do not agree with the federal government privatizing our immigration detention centers throughout the nation when there is clear evidence that privatizing our prisons creates a clear public safety threat. For ICE to continue to privatize these institutions and bring this safety threat through their "secure communities Initiative" to our community is unacceptable. Depriving someone of their liberty is a non-delegable governmental function and privatizing of such a function is infecting our nation like a virus.

What about Arizona? Governor Jan Brewer and many in the Arizona Legislature are loyal private prison boosters— to the detriment of our residents. Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) runs six private prisons in Arizona. In addition to the well-know immigrant detention centers, CCA also runs DUI prisons. CCA likes to have all of their beds full. Is it any wonder, then, that Arizona has some of the toughest immigration laws and toughest drunk driving laws? Watch anti-CCA protesters in Florida after the jump.



  1. Look for more of this. I have an interview brewing with a friend who has been detained on immigration charges in a CCA prison. One of the links above about a prison in a different state touches on some of the issues regarding how they treat prisoners and families. When you get deep into the personal stories, it is even more disgusting.

  2. Thanks for writing about this issue. Fighting the private prison system is high on my list of “to do” in 20`3.