CD 6 Representative David Schweikert is plugging the Republican Line (LIES) on the Democratic House.


David Schweikert has been in Congress since 2011.

In 2018, he saw a serious challenge from newcomer Antia Malik and now, embattled in an ethics challenge, will undoubtedly face a strong challenge again from either Ms. Malik, Dr. Hiral Tipirneni, or Stephanie Rimmer in the increasingly blueish Congressional District Six.

In order to maintain good ties with his base, Schweikert is attacking the now Democratically controlled House by falsely accusing them of engaging in “theatrics,” doing nothing substantive, and passing legislation that attacks religious institutions and their practices.

These lies are not true when the Liar in Chief says it. It does not become a magical truth when Mr. Schweikert does.

With regards to accusing the Democrats, in the Arizona Mirror,  of theatrics because of their investigations into Individual One’s potential misdeeds, Mr. Schweikert is showing that he puts party loyalty over patriotism to the country.

With regards to stating that the Democrats are not passing anything substantive, the measures listed below are ones that Democrats have passed in the House that Mr. Schweikert has largely not supported.

  • Reducing health care costs and protecting people with preexisting conditions.
  • Reforming electioneering and campaign finance.
  • Consumer Protection
  • Climate Protection
  • Equality Act.
  • Violence Against Woman Reauthorization Act.
  • Paycheck Fairness

The legislative chamber that is actually displaying theatrics and not getting anything done (other than ramming through reactionary judges)  is the United States Senate led by Mr. Schweikert’s own party and headed by Obstructionist in Chief and Supreme Court thief Mitch McConnell.

It was concerning the Equality Act where Representative Schweikert made an outrageous statement, on the Chad Benson May 14 radio show, that the legislation provided for the ability of the government to make religious organizations put men and women together at services.

This statement sharply contradicts what House judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler stated on his website by writing that:

“Religious organizations and institutions will still have the ability under the Equality Act—as they do now—to decide who is a member of their faith. Priests, Rabbis, and Imams will still be able to decide what religious services to provide and to whom. Just as houses of worship retain the ability to determine which couples they will marry post-Obergefell, under the Equality Act, houses of worship and affiliated religious institutions will still be free to decline membership, admittance or services to anyone they wish.”

The views (including the inaccurate ones) and positions Mr. Schweikert professes going into the 2020 election cycle will not work, especially since the Democrats will be nominating another strong candidate (without ethics questions) who will ably challenge him on the positions he has taken.

How can a person in 2019 and 2020 explain being against the Violence Against Woman Act, clean elections, wanting clean air and water, or helping people with preexisting medical conditions?

Democrats should have a golden opportunity for a pickup in 2020.