CD 8 Special General Election Results


Arizona Secretary of State is reporting that the Special General Election for CD 8 (unofficial) results are:

Debbie Lesko (R)   91,390  52.6%

Hiral Tipirneni  (D)  82,318  47.4%

former State Senator Debbie Lesko

Voter turnout was 38.3 % of the 455,660 registered voters in CD 8.  This vacancy occurred when long-time Republican Congressman Trent Franks resigned in December, 2017 after allegations of a $5 Million request he made of his Congressional  aide to have his surrogate child.

Debbie Lesko is a former State Senator and Rep. from LD 21.  Dr. Tipirneni  is a political newcomer, an ER doctor and an immigrant from India.


  1. Terrible. A lunatic like Franks followed, by corporate slave. Those 90,000 voters who think Lesko cares one iota about you are in fantasy land. Lesko cares only about her corporate masters at ALEC, and Scamway, and how to please them. People in Peoria are smarter than this. Sun City, who knows? Lesko will fit right in with Biggs and Gosar, two other lunatics.

  2. Lesko is a fine choice to follow in the footsteps of horny old Trent Franks, and will blend in effortlessly with the other crackpot Arizona reps like Paul Gosar.

    Good to see so many Trump voters have caught on to the con.


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