Arizona Congressional District (CD) Six Democratic Nominee Doctor Hiral Tipirneni’s campaign has produced a new ad called “Oath” which the candidate stars in.

The thirty-second spot highlights her positions on health care and commitment to serving all her constituents, no matter what political party they belong to.


Stating that she never asks her patients whether “they are Democrats and Republicans,” Dr. Tipirneni said, “politics doesn’t belong in our health care.”

She then said that we could protect people’s preexisting protection coverage, an option to buy into Medicare, and create our own state supply chain “to produce what we need at home.”

Tipirneni concluded that as a House Representative, like she did as a doctor, she would take an oath to put her constituents/patients first.

The Cook Political Report currently rates the race for CD Six between Dr. Tipirneni and Mr. Schweikart a toss-up. 

The Tipirneni Campaign holds a sizable fundraising advantage at this time.

The momentum is on her side heading into the last 47 days until November 3, 2020.

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