CeeDee Jamaican Kitchen


by David Safier

I don't do restaurant reviews or plug businesses, but I just came home from CeeDee Jamaican Kitchen's grand opening at its new digs, 5305 E. Speedway between Rosemont and Craycroft (the website still has the old address which will be open for awhile longer), and, well, I'm still a full and happy man. I love food that tastes like the place it came from. I've never been to Jamaica, but I could pretty much tell this is the real deal, and my Jamaican friend Karl confirms it. From the standard and excellent jerk chicken to goat curry — my favorite — you're gonna eat good.

The new place has a stage where they're planning to have music weekly. Tonight starting at 5pm, I was told there'll be a reggae band (Last night it was steel drums). Along with meals and starters, they have beer and a full bar if you're into that. Oh, and the owner/cooks are great people. Try it out.