EEF’s Facebook page lists these participants:


“EEF’s 4th Annual Celebrity Spelling Bee!
Joseph Blair is the emcee for an evening of lighthearted competition.”
Our spellers this year include:

Edna Meza Aguirre, Planned Parenthood
Fabian Alfie, UA French & Italian Studies Dept.
Art Almquist, Tucson High School
Brent De Raad, Visit Tucson
Steve Farley, Arizona Legislature (State Senator, LD 9)
Kristel Ann Foster, TUSD Governing Board member
Valerie Greenhill, EdLeader21
Kate Hoffman, Live the Solution
Martha McSally, US Congresswoman (CD 2)
Lisa Lovallo, Cox Communications
Lea Marquez-Peterson, Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Freddie Martinez, UBS
Regina Romero, Tucson City Council (Ward 1)
Jeff Ronstadt, Ronstadt Insurance
Mark Rubin, Mesch Clark & Rothschild law firm
Joaquin Ruiz, UA College of Science
Larry Sakin, Sakin Foundation
Angie Johnson-Smith, Smith & Dale Consulting
David Slutes, Club Congress
Wendy Erica Werden, Tucson Electric Power

Good luck with the speling be (purposely misspelled by yours truly).