Check out the latest ads from The Lincoln Project, Unite the Country, Priorities USA, and Meidas Touch

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Six new digital ads were released over the last several hours.

The first one, from the Lincoln Project called “Walk of Courage” shows a young African American man, holding a “My Life Matters” sign while walking past some armed fringe white reactionaries. The video then contrasts that with Republican Senators avoiding questions after Donald Trump and Bill Barr cleared off peaceful protestors with tear gas so the 2016 Popular Vote Loser can have a photo-op with an upside-down Bible.

The second ad, from Unite the Country, called “This is America,” shows a video of racial unrest and division while asking the question “Is this the America we want to be?”

The ad then shifts to Joe Biden with him saying:

“Do we want to be the America we know we can be? The America we know in our hearts we should be…The country is crying for leadership that can unite us. Leadership that brings us together.”

The narrator concludes the video by asking the viewer:

“Which America will you choose?”

The next ad, the first of three, from Priorities USA called “Caballero” has both an English and Spanish version.

In it, the narrator tells the viewer that the country needs a “Caballero” (Gentleman) and leader in the White House like Joe Biden, not a Caudillo (dictator) like Donald Trump.


The second Priorities USA ad called “We the People” chastises Donald Trump for dangerously putting Trump first and not the American People. The video then goes on to say that Biden would put people first and (in the Nominee’s words)  “battle for the soul of the United States of America.”

The last Priorities USA ad titled “Cases” recounts all Mr. Trump’s false pronouncements about the course of the Coronavirus while COVID 19 cases surge well above most nations from July 5 to July 11, 2020, with the United States having over 404,000 new infections reported while the second-highest country in the graph, France, had just under 3900.

The last one, from Meidas Touch is probably the funniest one of the six as it takes Donald Trump Jr’s words and accurately applies them to his father (his words and acts) and their family.

Like the narrator in the Unite the Country ad said:

“Which America will you choose?”

Please remember:

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    • The Lincoln Project folks have all said they know they’re not going to be getting hired by a Biden White House and they’re good with that, and they all own their part in creating Bush/Trump.

      They’re pretty mean to Fox News, too, and most right wing media, which is why they get so much hate from the right.

      They have no allies in this fight on the right or left.

      As trollish as I can be sometimes, I would prefer we took Michelle Obama’s high road, but this year, I’m cheering on the never-Trumpers.

      • I hadn’t heard about LP owning up to what they own. Thanks for the update. Oh, and I’m definitely with you on the never-Trumpers. They bring needed thermonuclear devices to the gunfight.

      • Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt does not exactly rock my world. Running Sarah Palin as McCain’s VP pick in 2008 was his brainchild, a desperate gambit meant to revive McCain’s failing campaign. And it was effective to the extent that it energized their base especially the lowlife and the Evangelicals.

        So Steve Schmidt was perfectly okay with having a ridiculously incompetent person only a heartbeat away from the presidency as long as it was his idea.

        And, of course, Palin’s ability to galvanize the lowlife and the racists (not mutually exclusive) with her “folksy charm” inspired Trump who was apparently just learning that these types of people do exist and there are a lot of them.

        When I see Steve Schmidt on TV I use the MUTE button that God provided for such people, a true act of His mercy.

        Otherwise, I’m okay with the Lincoln Project going after the monster they helped create. Why shouldn’t they now that they see they went too far? But they are not exonerated for their contribution to the loss of the Republic, should that happen. They are guilty AF.

        • Ditto that Liza, Schmidt is one of the worst. Palin was the OG Trump.

          Wileybud, I posted before I watched that interview with Wilson. Thanks for sharing that.

          We should let those comedy writers run the campaign. Brutal.

          And Wilson had to take it, because they were just using his brand of mean against him.

          2020, where progressives campaign for Joe Biden and conservatives run campaigns against a sitting GOP POTUS.

          I no longer fear falling down since that’s now up.

          • If only professional journalists would learn from that interview and stop practicing “access journalism”. Of course that means the job is that much harder but why would you want access to a public figure who’s going to disrespect you and your audience by lying to your face?

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