Chee Salette design chosen for January 8th Memorial




Go to to see more information about the winning design, for the permanent January 8th memorial to be built at El Presidio Park, west of the Pima County Courthouse.

Chee Salette Architecture Office  has offices in Los Angeles, Bonn, Germany, and Tucson, AZ.

The team consists of architect Marc Salette and architect/landscape designer Tina Chee of Chee Salette Architecture Office (CSAO); artist Rebeca Mendez of Rebeca Mendez Design (RMD); lighting designer Wilfried Kramb of ag LICHT; and media consultant Jackie Kain of Swan/Starts.

60 Amazing Teams; 4 Great Finalists; 1 Begins

Sixty design firms threw their hats in the ring for the privilege of designing and integrating the January 8th Memorial as part of the El Presidio Park renovation. All were highly qualified with creative concepts for the memorial. From the 60, four outstanding design teams were selected as finalists.

Into that selection process went more than 500 comments, a packed-house public presentation and hours of review by a selection panel composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds and a broad range of viewpoints. In the end, there was one decision to make: who would begin the process with our community to create a civic space to share, to dream, to celebrate?

Chee Salette will be the design team to take these ideas and energy and breathe life into our community’s ideas for a memorial and gathering place. They understand the importance of civic space, are good listeners and share our vision of creating an enduring treasure for our community.

Carolyn’s note:  I was impressed with Chee Salette’s video presentation to the public on April 2, 2015. Their design has raised areas & open spaces, water flowing over the memorial with names of the 6 who died on 1/8/11, plus Native American artwork/symbols incorporated in to the design.  The selection panel chose between 4  finalists, with public input.


  1. Aloha Carolyn,

    The drawings presented here are not clear, but it appears that this will wipe out the Folk Festival. What do you think?


    • No, I think the design teams were told to take Tucson Meet Yourself and other festivals into consideration with their designs. I heard public comments to that effect when I attended the meetings. Wait & see, or ask the folks in charge. The Folk Festival is too valuable to get wiped out.

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