Cheryl Cage resigns as Chair of Pima County Democratic Party

Consultant Cheryl Cage who served as Chair of Pima County Democratic Party since January, 2015 has resigned. Here is her letter:

former Chair Cheryl Cage

former Chair Cheryl Cage

“September 24, 2015

Dear PCDP Executive Committee members: Since 2006 I have devoted my energies toward Democratic efforts in southern Arizona. I accepted the position of chair because I believed that my campaign management experience and passion for Democratic ideals would serve the party well. During the first six months I am extremely proud that we established, and fully funded, a capital fund to renovate the Pima County Democratic Party headquarters. We also established a Democratic ‘Bench’ Training program while raising the visibility of the party throughout the district. However, it appears that others within the leadership of the party disagree with my approach. Although I was willing to work and address our differences others were not. It is with great sadness, and great personal disappointment that I resign as Chair of Pima County Democratic Party effectively immediately.

With greatest respect and good wishes for the future, Cheryl A. Cage”

First Vice Chair Pat Burns IV will serve as Acting PDCP Chair.  Here’s his statement about this resignation:

Acting Chair Pat Burns IV

Acting Chair Pat Burns IV

“We would like to thank Cheryl for her service over the past year and for all that she has done for the Democratic community. Cheryl has created many positive and successful programs with the Pima County Party including a large scale renovations plan scheduled to begin mid-November, a local candidate bench program as well as revitalizing our PC development committee. PCDP is committed to moving these programs forward with the same level of dedication and passion as its former Chair.
 The Pima County Democratic Party is focused on victory in the 2015 Municipal and County Elections. We have a fully staffed Coordinated Campaign working strong for the re-election of our Mayor, Council Members and Ballot Propositions. The current changes in leadership will have no impact on the success of this well-organized program.

Pat Burns

Acting PCDP Chair”

My post when Cheryl was elected back in January, 2015:

PDCP By laws require an election within 60 days. Stay tuned for new Chair of the Pima County Democratic Party.

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  1. Very disappointed in those who would force cheryl out.