Chess at school


by David Safier

John Stewart did an interview with the director of "Brooklyn Castle," a film about a Brooklyn middle school which has won more chess championships than any other school anywhere. The director is accompanied by one of the chess champs who is now in high school. The interview is a short lesson in why the intangibles, which are so often ignored, even de-funded as this program was, are so much more vital to students' educations than the damn standardized tests. Since I won't be there to quiz you on the interview, you can make up your own questions, then answer them.

h/t to Asher Huey, who took me and other bloggers who went to D.C. for an "Occupy Congress" event last December under his wing, for the clip. He's now doing online communications for the AFT (American Federation of Teachers).



  1. I saw that and thought – let’s teach ALL children to play chess!!!! It would have substantial advantages!!!! Cant wait to see the movie!

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