Christmas 2015 message of peace

I grew up in Hawaii celebrating Bodhi Day on December 8th, the anniversary of Lord Buddha’s day of enlightenment in India.  But we also celebrated Christmas and  wished others “Mele Kalikimaka”.  During law school I hung out with Catholics and Jews in Massachusetts. Then I married in a Christian (Anglican) church in England as my German husband is a former Lutheran.  And now we have a Muslim nephew (from Casablanca) in the family.

Along the way I learned to appreciate and tolerate other religions and beliefs, but today as we celebrate the Christian day of Christmas Eve, let me wish all of you a secular message:

Happy holidays, and season’s greetings for peace on Earth, and goodwill to all. (And that even means people whom you don’t get along with.)

…and watch out for the Grinch lurking outside, trying to steal your merriment.grinchXmas



4 responses to “Christmas 2015 message of peace

  1. This is the real American story!

    Happy Holidays to you and all your readers!!

    • Carolyn Classen

      Thank you Bill. Yes, we are an immigrant family originally from Japan, but my two brothers married foreigners are well – from Australia and Japan; and my two nieces have married men from New Zealand and Morocco, so my family is now full of intermarriage of immigrants, reflecting a new America.

  2. A great message for the season of greetings !