Ciao Signore Bannon

The Certosa di Trisulti Monastery near Rome where Steve Bannon and his associates want to create an academy for aspiring up and coming Fascists.

Earlier this spring former KKK endorsed candidate (Donald Trump) consigliere Steve Bannon announced plans to support an academy, in an ancient Italian monastery, in Trisulti, close to Rome, that would promote nativist right-wing populist (fascist) ideals according to maintaining and promoting “Judaeo-Christian Values.” for a new generation of aspiring fringe nativist right-wing populists (fascist) political candidates and bureaucrats.

This “Academy” project, called the “Academy for the Judaeo-Christian West,” has the support of right-wing figures like Marine Le Pen (leader of France’s National Rally party,) Matteo Salvini (the leader of Italy’s League Party) and Hungary’s Prime Minister Victor Orban.

Fortunately, prospects for this vile academy have become ensnared in several roadblocks.

First, the Italian Cultural Ministry, whose head is a member of the Left Wing (and anti Bannon) Five Star Party, revoked the rights of the group (The right-wing Catholic think tank The Human Dignity Institute) to lease from the monastery because it lacked the experience in maintaining the cultural artifacts (like the paintings) at the site.

A second roadblock for the Bannon supported group are the financial documents from a Danish Bank they used to secure the lease may be forgeries.

Third, the local populace does not want the monastery to become a beacon for aspiring Fascists. They want it to remain a religious or cultural center.

Finally, even members of the Human Dignity Institute are now having misgivings about locating the Academy at the monastery.

Bannon and his supporters have vowed to appeal the decision.

Closing this “Academy” permanently would be another sign (like the recent European Parliament Elections) that most of the people of Europe (and Italy) have the good sense to repulse these Fascist groups, disguising themselves as the voices of the people through populism.

Hopefully, the Bannon appeal will fail and Italians can say “Ciao Signore Bannon.”