City of Tucson Primary election 2019 results


City of Tucson Elections Dept. has posted the Primary election results on their website:





Mayor of Tucson (open seat)

Democratic primary:

Randi Dorman  5,606

Steve Farley  16,949

Regina Romero  22,255

No Republican candidate for Mayor

Ward 1 Council (open seat)

Dem primary:

Rob Elias  1645

Sami Hamed  1160

Miguel Ortega  1527

Lane Santa Cruz  3290

Republican write-in candidate Sam Nagy needed 84 votes to advance to the General  Election.  He received 206 votes.

Ward 2 Council

Paul Cunningham, incumbent  (Dem primary)  7820

Ewart Williams, (Republican Primary)  4841

Ward 4  Council (open set)

Nikki Lee (Dem Primary)  4933

Michael Hicks (Republican Primary)  4012

The Democratic Mayoral candidate will face off with Independent Ed Ackerley in the General on Nov. 5, 2019.  There will be contested races in Ward 1, 2 and 4.

Carolyn’s note: I tried to published these results at the PDCP Primary night party at Reilly’s Pizza but was unable to log on.  Stay tuned for any additional vote updates for provisional ballots.

8/29/19: Updated vote tally (from counting of provisional ballots) below in comments section. No changes in overall winners/losers.




  1. Updated vote tally from counting of provisional ballots from Elections Dept:

    Mayor of Tucson – Ds
    Dorman 6099
    Farley 18,157
    Romero 24,549

    Ward 1 Democrats -Ds
    Elias 1760
    Hamed 1290
    Ortega 1739
    Santa Cruz 3735

    Nagy (R write in) 234

    Ward 2
    Cunningham (D) 8243
    Williams (R) 5001

    Ward 4

    Hicks (R) 4120
    Lee (D) 5238

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