The City of Tucson Elections Dept. published their special election results tonight:


Prop. 411

Yes  52,844

No  19,149

"Proposition 411 is a proposal to amend the Tucson Charter authorizing a 10-year extension of a
 temporary half-cent (0.5%) sales tax to fund street improvements."

In the Choice is Yours booklet, there was no opposition to this Proposition, and Statements in 
favor by several individuals including Mayor Regina Romero, Ward 3 Councilman Kevin Dahl, 
District 2 Pima County Supervisor Matt Heinz, and organizations such as the Sierra Club, 
Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce, Living Streets Alliance, etc.

Carolyn's note: Let's hope this helps with the paving of our Tucson streets, which are in 
terrible condition. Voter turnout was 25.17% of the registered City voters.