Clinton, Trump, and Stein in early leads in Arizona PPE

Unofficial results from the Arizona Presidential Preference Election (PPE) from Secretary of State Michele Reagan’s website: Only top two vote getters are being reported.

Democratic Party:         Hillary Clinton  58%      Bernie Sanders  40%

Republican Party:   Donald Trump  47%    Ted Cruz  25%

Green Party:   Jill Stein  81%      Kent Mesplay  19%

Percentage of Arizona registered voters who voted: not reported as yet.

Stay tuned for updates, by clicking on the hyperlink provided above.

Pima County returns (CD 1, CD 2, CD3) here:

2 responses to “Clinton, Trump, and Stein in early leads in Arizona PPE

  1. Carolyn Classen

    Easter Sunday (March 27) results updated by Arizona SOS (votes still being counted):

    Trump 46% Cruz 27%

    Clinton 57% Sanders 41%

    Stein 82% Mesplay 18% (no change)

  2. AZ Sec. of State website updated to state 100% tally of votes cast on March 22,2016:

    Trump 251, 378 47%
    Cruz 135,217 25%

    Clinton 237,0278 58%
    Sanders 164,712 40%

    Stein 614 82%
    Mesplay 139 18%