Colonel Amy McGrath to take on Enemy of the People-Grim Reaper Mitch McConnell in 2020.


Before declaring her candidacy for the Democratic Nomination for the Kentucky Senate Seat held by Mitch McConnell, Colonel Amy McGrath has already proven she is more of a patriot, willing to fight and serve the United States, than the Obstructionist in Chief-Grim Reaper-Enemy of the People Senate Majority Leader.

She (and her husband) have demonstrated that they are willing to risk their lives for this country by serving in the military. Colonel McGrath is an accomplished Marine Corp pilot.

Mitch McConnell was able to secure, like Military greats George W. Bush (in Texas) and Dan Quayle (in Indiana,) a coveted spot in the United States Army Reserve that would not be deployed to Vietnam. He was honorably discharged for health reasons a little later. He has been resistant to letting people see copies of his military record.

In what in many ways will be the most important election in 2020 (even more so perhaps than the Presidential,) Colonel McGrath, if she wins her party’s nomination, will have the task of besting the political Prince of Darkness in this country, the person who is gleeful that his efforts have obstructed progress like modernizing our nation’s infrastructure, the individual who is proud that he kidnapped a Supreme Court Nomination from an incumbent President, the person who will not even let the upper chamber he leads consider legislation that would safeguard our election systems.

In announcing her candidacy via an online video, Colonel McGrath, in showing Kentuckians suffering from various misfortunes, knows the stakes in this election and for the nation.  Laying the blame for the countries stagnation at McConnell and his allies, McGrath is running to restore civility, decency, and morality to the Senate and to make it a place where ideals no longer die. She wants everyone to have the dignity of a job and for the United States to become the economic and moral center of the world again.

The personification of all that is wrong

One may wonder why a writer from Blog for Arizona would care about a Senate race in Kentucky when the Grand Canyon State will already have a Senate campaign that will garner national attention between Colonel Martha McSally and Captain Mark Kelly.

That race and the other Senate races are 2020 are very important as well but Mitch McConnell, the personification of all that is wrong with all our political discourse, is someone who wields power, not just in Kentucky, but influences policy directions that affect the whole nation from Maine to Hawaii.

If he and the Republicans prevail, they will continue to stop at nothing in advancing their reactionary agenda, obstruct progressive legislation that moves the country forward, and advance judicial nominations whose rulings can move the country backward.

Americans need to treat all the electoral contests in 2019 and 2020 seriously. The path to a Democratic majority lies in winning majorities at every local, state, and federal level. The road to achieving this goes through Kentucky and Democrats across the county need to unite behind the Democratic Senate Nominee who contests McConnell.

For more information on Colonel McGrath, please visit her campaign website and Facebook Page. 

Featured Image from Insider Louisville.

UPDATE: Retired Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath (D) raised more than $2.5 million in the first 24 hours of her U.S. campaign against Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) in Kentucky. That’s a presidential-campaign-level haul. (h/t Steve Benen).


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