Comedy for Charity presents “Whose Live Anyway” on Nov. 1st


7:30PM – 9:00PM

AT THE FOX THEATRE, 17 W. Congress St. Tucson

“Comedy for Charity is proud to announce it is co-promoting and co-producing the hilarious Whose Live Anyway with The Fox Theatre on November 1st. Back by popular demand, this show sold out in 2016, so get your tickets early! For 90 minutes, these hilarious performers will use the games and unexpected comedy that comes from the live version of the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? Help us raise money for Sol Dog Lodge and Training Center/Arizona Greyhound Rescue! For more info, please see our website:

Comedy for Charity is a non-profit organization created by comedian Suzie Sexton to reduce violence and to raise money for victims of violence. If dreams were real, she would dream that there was no violence and no need for her organization. Unfortunately, this is a ubiquitous phenomenon which creates untold pain and suffering. “Violence is like a disease that needs to be cured. I’m doing what I can to end it,” she says.”

Purchase tickets here:

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2 responses to “Comedy for Charity presents “Whose Live Anyway” on Nov. 1st

  1. Carolyn Classen

    Almost full house at the Fox Theatre tonight for this show, co-hosted by Comedy for Charity & Unscrewed Theater (whole gang there in their tshirts). Improv games played on stage by 4 comedians plus audience participation: Freeze (yoga/acrobat poses); New Choice @ Humane Society; woman volunteer Cindy where 2 comedians sang songs of her & husband Jim; Weird Day of car accident w/ a cop; Jeopardy with 3 contestants, finding questions to answers about flora, Old Fashioned items, vegetables, computer terms, ancient Rome. Then small strips of paper with odd lines were provided by the audience and used in game called I Love My Dogs with a Mrs. Sanchez, and more songs; Couple in love Jessica & Weston (volunteers on stage) meeting in an elevator at the VA Hospital, then their first date at Pei Wei; 2 more volunteers April & Corinne making sound effects of a game on horseback, hunters firing a rifle, arrow, then drinking cocktails; followed by a game about ice cream subject discussed by 2 radio talk show hosts, and 2 of them singing several impromtu songs about ice cream. Encore game was all 4 comedians and Jim (from the Fox?) who acted out a story about a substitute teacher who hit her kids, then cared for them (idea came from audience woman). Have seen some of these games at UT here in Tucson. Very creative and spontaneous comedy tonight.

  2. Carolyn Classen

    Tonight at the lovely Fox Theater. Get your tickets online: