Comedy for Charity: Thank you for serving benefit honoring Veterans at the Fox Theater






Honorary Chair: Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild

“This year’s show, emceed by David Fitzsimmons, is an adult variety show for mature audiences (ages 15+). It will feature Tommy Blaze, who is a veteran of the comedy stage. Tommy has been called America’s premiere relationship comic. For over two decades, he has entertained audiences from all walks of life. Blaze has performed in such diverse arenas as television, film, comedy clubs, colleges, military bases, casinos, cruise ships, and churches.

Tommy sums up his broad appeal with a simple statement: “Wherever you find men and women together, that ‘s where I’m needed.” He has appeared in the NBC mega-hit Friends, and movies like Me Again and Marriage Retreat. He also writes films, including Brother White and God’s Not Dead.

To round out the talent, there will be feature comedy act Butch Lord, from Dallas, Texas; Michael Garvey, from Annapolis, Maryland, a veteran who was shot twice in Afghanistan, was awarded the Purple Heart and who now does comedy with his service dog Liberty: a dance performance by senior tap group The Rodeo City Wreckettes; Hip hop by the award winning Egokillaz; and music by Los Guapos, Janee Starr, as well as local musician Kate Becker and her band. Music! Dance! Comedy! And it’s all for a wonderful cause—to make our community a safer place while at the same time the audience is entertained by a first class show. Our mission this year is to raise money (hopefully a lot of money) and awareness about the problem of veterans committing suicide.

Comedy for Charity was the brainchild of Suzie Sexton, who wanted to do something that would make a difference in the arena of preventing violence. The charity is dedicated to preventing others from suffering the pain and agony of being victims of violence. “Violence is like a disease that needs to be cured. I’m doing what I can to end it,” says Sexton. In the spirit of Florence Foster Jenkins, she is donating 200 tickets to veterans in need for them to be able to attend the show.

Sexton is a comedian, writer and producer. Her sister was murdered in an unsolved mugging in Chicago in 1980. Since then, she has worked and volunteered in various capacities to reduce violence. Her fundraisers are raising money and awareness for charities such as Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse, Tucson’s January 8th Memorial Foundation, Dancing in the Streets AZ, Hope for Haiti, Shared Hope, The Tucson Musician’s Museum and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Twenty (20) veterans a day commit suicide, a rate much higher than the general population. This year the show will donate proceeds Rally Point, a local nonprofit that assists veterans and their families. It provides mental and behavioral health services for veterans, including suicide prevention and peer support. The secondary beneficiary will be Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse, which works to prevent domestic violence. Tickets are $60 (VIP), $30, and $20 (students and veterans with ID).”

More info: Comedy for Charity presents: Thank you for serving – the benefit
A special event honoring veterans and benefiting Rally Point, a local nonprofit that provides treatment and services for those returning from the military and their families, as well as Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse.
Featuring Tommy Blaze with Dave Fitzsimmons, Suzie Sexton, Butch Lord, Michael Garvey, The Rodeo City Wreckettes, Egokillaz, Los Guapos and Kate Becker
Buy tickets at
VIP $60
General $30
Veterans and students with ID $20


  1. What a variety of entertainment tonight, starting off with Organizer Suzie Sexton doing her funny stand up comedy, then Mayor Rothschild and LD 10 State Senator David Bradley spoke about one of the benefactors of the show, Rally Point which helps veterans w/ a # of services; followed by tap dancing by the Rodeo City Wreckettes (with Suzie as well), then hip hop dancing by DOPE. First comedian was Michael Garvey (from Md., Purple Heart recipient, wounded 2x in Afghanistan) with his service dog Liberty, then another comedian Butch Lord (from Dallas), who spoke of getting here on the Greyhound bus via LA. Kate Becker and her band played a few jazzy songs before intermission. Then a performance by 2 guys Angel & Ricardo (Los Guapos) on keyboard and drums and finally, headliner Tommy Blaze, a hilarious comedian who spoke of love, gender roles, marriage, and who praised a man Al in the audience, for being married 63 years as “fearing nothing”,being “bullet proof”. Tommy also joked about the differences between men & women. 7th year of this comedy show, congrats to Suzie for another successful show, which also benefited Emerge! Center Against Sexual Assault.

  2. Thank YOU
    For supporting this excellent cause
    And the Fox Theater is the perfect venue! Hope there is a big turnout!
    Vets are thankful for the community support.

    • Peter — this is an easy event to promote for such a good cause. Like you, hope there is a great turnout on Sunday at the lovely Fox Theater. Thanks for commenting.

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