Comments still glitching

Dear loyal readers of Blog for  Arizona,

You’ve probably noticed if you try to comment on our blogsite, that sometimes your comments are approved automatically and sometimes not.  We’ve consulted with our webmaster, and she has been unable to fix the problem which started a few months ago.  So I’ve been approving the legitimate ones which have gone into the comment Trash bin. Other comments have been approved on their own, from regular readers but we’re not sure why some are and some aren’t.  As bloggers, we even have to approve our own comments sometimes.

We are considering other options, but until then, please bear with us and with me, as I’m not online 24/7.  I will continue to approve comments when I can but they will likely be delayed, especially during this holiday season. And apologies to those of you whose comments never did appear recently, as we were trying to fix things and a bunch got inadvertently deleted over a 2 week period in November/December, through no fault of mine.

Thank you for your patience & understanding, for this inconvenience. We realize that is this is frustrating for those who comment frequently.

Carolyn Classen, volunteer blogger at Blog for Arizona (since 2/11/14), formerly with

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3 responses to “Comments still glitching

  1. Carolyn Classen

    Just testing how/if comments are publishing. We are having problems with the website. Thanks. Comments are publishing on the front page.

  2. I Like Arithmetic

    I gave up trying to comment here several months ago, because of this very thing. Funny how it still manages to send me the email to confirm a ‘notify of follow-up comments’ request, even though the comment itself has gone down the black hole.

    • Carolyn Classen

      I’m not surprised, I Like Arithmetic, as I only noticed it myself a while ago when I commented and even my comments went into our Trash bin. Founder Michael Bryan asked our webmaster consultant, and she couldn’t fix it. Then blogger Larry Bodine tried to get help as well, and still no luck after a few months. Maybe we shouldn’t have comments at all? So I’ve been checking and approving comments, but like I said, I’m not online all the time. Sorry for your inconvenience, but at least you’re still reading our blog posts. The fact that you still get the follow up notice is odd, esp. if your original comment didn’t get posted. It is frustrating and strange.