Concentrat…Detention Camps for Immigrants if Donald ‘I Killed Roe v Wade’ Trump Regains the Presidency

Photo from Washington Post/Reuters

Yes, it can happen here.

And it might if the Donald ‘I Killed Roe v Wade’ Trump wins in 2024.

Recent reporting by both the Washington Post and the New York Times has shown that if the twice impeached, two-time popular vote loser and four-time indicted David Duke endorsed business charlatan Donald ‘I Killed Roe v Wade’ manages to retake the White House, he would institute a plan being developed by his sycophants, including the indicted Jeffrey Clark and Stephen ‘I forgot where my grandparents came from’ Miller called Project 2025 that would:

  • Launch a campaign of vengeance (through investigation and prosecution) against political opponents like the current President and former supporters/Trump Administration officials who stopped drinking the MAGA Kool-Aid like John Kelly and Bill Barr For those deluded souls who think this Banana Republic maneuver is nothing more than doing to Trump’s enemies what the current Biden Justice Department is pursuing against the former White House occupant, think again.
  • Staff the Justice Department and White House Counsel’s office with loyalists who would carry out his will regardless of its ethical or legal consequences.
  • Building on first-term Trump Immigration policies by expanding restrictions on admitting Muslims, revoking visas of immigrants who make statements against accepted administration views, ending birthright citizenship, revitalizing Title 42, increasing the size and scope of deportation raids, and constructing detention camps where people waiting to be thrown off the country would be housed. This, like earlier Trump statements about immigrants “poisoning the blood,” strongly resemble early Nazi policies towards Jews and political opponents. Do not be surprised if Trump regains power that some of his political opponents do not find their way into these, call it what they will be, concentration camps.

Be afraid majority of the country that did not support MAGA if they somehow regain power. Be very afraid. You may find yourself in one of these camps if Donald Trump somehow gets reelected.

Reacting to the Trump Fascist-Nazi plans, Biden-Harris Campaign spokesperson Ammar Moussa issued a statement, commenting:

“Mass detention camps, attempts to deny children born here citizenship, uprooting families with mass deportations – this is the horrifying reality that awaits the American people if Donald Trump is allowed anywhere near the Oval Office again. These extreme, racist, cruel policies dreamed up by him and his henchman Stephen Miller are meant to stoke fear and divide us, betting a scared and divided nation is how he wins this election. Trump talks openly about his plans at rallies, and voters should take him at his word. He’s making the wrong bet. The American people chose unity over division and hope over fear in 2020 when they elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and sent Donald Trump packing, and they’ll do it again next year.”

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2 thoughts on “Concentrat…Detention Camps for Immigrants if Donald ‘I Killed Roe v Wade’ Trump Regains the Presidency”

  1. This has already happened in the US. From the detention of persons of Japanese ancestry, both citizens and non-citizens, during WWII to forced relocation of indigenous natives during the 1800s to kidnapped Africans forcibly brought to the US, Americans have been rounding up and brutalizing large groups during its sordid history.

    Read about Arizona’s part in this at

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