Count on the Weekly to get the redistricting story right

by David Safier

Jim Nintzel at the Weekly has once again shown himself to be the most astute and knowledgeable journalist in the Tucson area, and one of the better journalists in the state. His Skinny piece about the Redistricting Commission nonsense — the blatant interference in the process by Republicans Adams and Pearce — lays the story out better than I've seen anywhere — except, of course, here on BfA and on Random Musings courtesy of Craig McDermott, whose posts should be read carefully by everyone in the state covering the story.

Nintzel lays out an excellent history of redistricting in the state. He also makes the stakes clear, using CD-8 and Gabby Giffords as an example:

One big prize at stake: the future of Congressional District 8, which now has a slight Republican advantage but is represented by Democrat Gabrielle Giffords. A few more Democrats would help keep the district in Giffords’ hands; a few more Republicans, and it could end up with GOP representation.

That's why Adams and Pearce have, as Nintzel puts it, "their knickers in a knot over their list of possible choices for the commission." The decisions of the commission can swing the makeup of the state legislature and the U.S. House.

Here's the local angle on nominees for the Redistricting Commission.

The list of nominees that they got includes only one Republican from outside of Maricopa County: Benny White of Tucson.

That has Pearce and Adams crying foul, because they figure that they’ll be stuck picking White, since the Democrats’ first pick will probably be from Maricopa County.

Their complaints are puzzling, given that White is a fierce partisan who is more than qualified for the commission’s work. It may just be that Adams and Pearce want an appointee who they know will do their bidding.

Other members of the MSM statewide, take note. You could use some schooling on this issue by the likes of Nintzel and McDermott.

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