Another week.

Another article on a statement or action by Coup Plotter-Election Denier-Conspiracy Theory Lover-Fringe reactionary Mark Finchem.


In an attempt to stick up for Coup Plotter-Election Denier Kindred Spirit (and now imploded 2024 Republican Presidential Candidate) Josh Hawley after Loews Hotels canceled its hosting of a fundraiser for the Missouri Senator, Mr. Finchem tweeted:

Honestly, there was a part of me that wondered if Mr. Finchem, in saying Lowes, confused the hardware store chain with the hotel one.

In releasing this tweet, Finchem, already facing an ethics complaint and a potential investigation, for his part in the attempted January 6, 2021 insurrection, showed he is an embarrassment to the public service profession.

Comparing what the Loews Hotel Chain did to the actions of the perpetrators of the Holocaust and Stalinist Purges where millions of innocent people were exterminated because of either their religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or political status, is asinine as well as ludicrous.

As Laurie Roberts, reacting to Finchem’s tweet, stated in a January 18, 2021 column:

“Yeah, patriots, because the first step toward genocide is always the cancellation of a resort hotel reservation…You don’t get to scream, without evidence, for two months about a stolen election then say, “Who me?” when your supporters respond.”

Roberts is right.

The coup plotters-election deniers who lit the spark and encouraged the domestic terrorist Trumpist Insurrectionists that stormed the National Capitol do not deserve any consideration or respect for the words they spoke or the acts they committed.

That includes Josh Hawley.

That includes Mark Finchem.