CQ covers CD-8 Republicans, and Antenori once again reveals his boorish nature

by David Safier

CQ, which writes about all things Congressional, has an article about the Kelly-Paton smack down, saying in its headline, that the race is getting "A Little Nasty." That's an understatement, but the extreme level of animosity is par for the course in Republican primaries nationwide. One thing I'll say about them. They don't reserve their bile for Democrats. These folks take no prisoners. (See Horne v. Thomas, which I've heard is going to be featured on WWF.)

The weird thing about the article is it uses Antenori as the primary source about the race. And Antenori makes the most of his moment in the national spotlight by putting his worst side forward. But the fact is, I'm not sure Antenori has anything but a worst side.

“Whichever one wins, they need to go after [Giffords]. They can’t pussyfoot around her,” said Antenori, who is not endorsing anyone in the primary. “Paton has more experience and because of that is more methodical. Kelly is just a brawler, and a lot of people just want to see him get through the primary so he can slap her around in the debate.”

"Slap her around in the debate." That's the language Frank chooses. Slap her around. I would say it's hard to believe he would say something like that for publication, but with a guy like Frank and the anything-goes world of Republican politics these days, I can't say I'm surprised.

Note to Frank: This is one of those moments when you should pick up the phone, call Rep. Giffords and apologize for your deplorable choice of words.

Methinks Antenori tipped his hand a bit about his favorite. Antenori will go for someone like Kelly, the "slap her around" brawler, every time.

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