Creationists have no place participating in developing Public School Science Standards.

Joseph Kezele of the Arizona Origin Science Association

The Phoenix New Times revealed today that a noted creationist from the Arizona Origin Science Association (Joseph Kezele) was retained by soon to be former Superintendent of Public Education Diane Douglas to help revise the new Arizona K-12 Science Standards.

This country has a separation of church and state. While the development of religions and belief systems is an integral part of history and cultural geography courses in our public schools, colleges, and universities, the strict consideration of nonscientific origins of life on Earth, climate change, and the beginnings of our universe has no place in public educational institutions.

Creationists and other sectarian authorities have no place in the creation or revision of public school science or social studies standards. They can do whatever they want in their own private schools or religious organizations but they need to stay away from public schools.

Arizona Citizens should watch PBS Horizon this evening and see the exchange between Superintendent of Public Instruction Democratic Nominee Kathy Hoffman and Republican candidate Frank Riggs and see how they would administer our state’s public schools.

Evolution, Climate Change, and The Big Bang Theory to be Eliminated From Arizona K-12

3 thoughts on “Creationists have no place participating in developing Public School Science Standards.”

  1. Oh Arizona, there you go again. From his bio, seems like Riggs will be happy with this appointment. I sincerely hope that Hoffman will not!

    • To be fair, Riggs has criticized Douglas’ move to include creationism in the classroom, calling it a desperate move to revive her political fortunes.

  2. Creationism does not follow the Scientific Method and is by definition not science.

    Joseph Kezele is a nut job, who oddly enough in these times, has spent time in Russia. He’s young-earther! In spite of the fact that the Bible does not say the Earth is 6,000 years old.

    These people do not care about educating their own kids, they want to indoctrinate other people’s children and increase the membership in their mega-churches, and thereby increasing the money landing on the donation plate.

    They want to tell other people’s children how to think, and eventually, who should get their votes.

    I know lots of good Christians, these people are not them, you will never see one of these people who doesn’t have their hands out.

    It’s a scam. This is about money and power and has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus.

    And in light of the abuse of children in the hands of the Mormons and Catholics and Christian Preachers all over the country, these people probably shouldn’t be allowed within 1000 yards of a school.

    Google “Minister Molests Children” and see if I’m lying.

    People like Joseph Kezele don’t understand that they’re opening up legal cases for other religions to be taught alongside theirs.

    The Pilgrims came here to get away from other people telling them how to practice their religion, these people do not understand America.

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